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Cardrunners Review

Cardrunners is one of the oldest Poker training sites on the internet - it led the way back when the concept first appeared. And what a concept it was - why have to slog your way through dense Poker manuals, when you can watch over the shoulders of seasoned Pros as they dominated the tables, and owned newbs and regulars alike. Back then Cardrunners founders Taylor Caby and Andrew Wiggins were trailblazers. Now, the scene is somewhat different and there are many other sites vying for a piece of the training pie. So, does CR still have what it takes to earn your monthly membership? Click here to keep reading

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Outstanding Poker Review

Outstanding Poker was created by two professional Poker players from Toronto. Now, these aren’t the world’s most famous players or even - by their own admission - the best players. But they regularly earn between 10 and 15 thousand US dollars a month playing medium stakes Poker on the internet. Their secret? A solid, low-variance approach to Poker that avoids silly risks and brings in a consistent profit. Outstanding Poker exists to teach you how to play the same way. Click here to keep reading

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Card Killer Poker Training Site Review

Watching Mike Matusow play $200/$400 Poker is all well and good (and certainly entertaining), but how does it help those that are just starting out in Poker? How does it help those that want to play the micro limits - 0.15c/.30c, or even 0.1c/2c? Well, the answer is that it although certain principles may be the same, the games as very different overall. What complete beginners need is a site that’s especially geared up to cater for them. Enter Click here to keep reading

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Poker Savvy Plus video training review

Poker Savvy Plus is a relative latecomer to the Poker training scene, having launched at the end of 2007. But this should be an advantage - they should have been able to look at their competitors, take all the best parts and leave out all the rubbish. So, have they succeeded in this or is it more a case of Poker Dunce than Poker Savvy? Let’s find out.. Click here to continue reading

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Real Poker Training full review

Real Poker Training was one of the original Poker training sites on the internet; one of the first to realise that watching videos of established internet professionals play online would be very useful to those starting out. The theory is that watching someone’s actions (as they narrate their thought processes), is a better learning tool than reading their words in a book. If you can actually see what they’re doing, so the theory goes, you’ll be in a much better position to emulate them. So, is this true? Could Poker training videos be the key to launching you into profitable poker? Click here to keep reading

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