Daniel Lebouef


Hi! I’m Daniel Lebouef, the next great poker superstar since Phil Ivey. Kidding.

I do love poker, but I’m far from being pro. And I’m definitely a Phil Ivey fan. I just love playing and watching poker games, especially if the stakes are high. The thrill gets to me every time.

In the same way that I’m thrilled when I’m going hiking, rock climbing and sky diving. Yeah, I’m an adventurous guy.

When I’m not being adventurous, I’m active in sports and betting – the recent being the Pacquiao vs Mayweather fight. I don’t always take home money from betting, but there are a lot of good days.

But as much as I love to talk about sports and betting, this blog is not about that. Here, I’ll talk about poker and give updates about my favorite poker players. So if you want to know what Phil Ivey and the other poker superstars are up to, make sure to watch out for my blog updates here at Poker Training Report!

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