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2015 WSOP Update: Canadian poker pro busts 14-time bracelet winner

Fourteen-time bracelet winner versus six-time bracelet champion! Who’s going to win? Will it be the WSOP’s Poker Hall of Famer or the Global Poker Index’s best poker player of the past decade? Well, for now, it’s the best poker player Daniel Negreanu!

Phil Hellmuth had a chance this year in the main event, but the 14-time bracelet winner fell by the wayside at around 5:30 p.m. local time on Saturday in 417th place.

According to the WSOP live updates, Hellmuth’s last hand began with him betting 20,000 from the hijack, and an opponent calling in the small blind. The Canadian star Negreanu had a three-bet to 56,000 from the big blind while Hellmuth had four-bet all-in for 295,000 in total. The small blind mucked, and it was on Negreanu.

The 50-year-old Hellmuth tabled the QQ, while Negreanu flipped over the A K. It was a classic race, but it was rather rare to witness the two of the most cautious players in the whole tournament in this spot. The hand was only for about 650,000 in chips, or 81 big blinds, though.

The run-out was not very dramatic, as the flop of K 9 3 put Negreanu way out in front. The J on the turn did give Hellmuth a gut-shot straight draw, but he bricked when the 5 hit the river.

Negreanu vaulted to 817,000 after the hand.

According to the WSOP hall of famer, it was his first coinflip of the tournament. He also implied that queens were at the bottom of his shoving range and Negreanu was kind of lucky.

Meanwhile, Hellmuth had some tough table draws during the main event, which included getting paired with Phil Ivey on day 1. Hellmuth doubled up Ivey at one point.

Additionally, five former main event champions were alive at the start of day 4. After Hellmuth’s elimination, only 2005 champ Joe Hachem and 1993 champ Jim Bechtel remain.

This goes to show that being a hall of famer doesn’t give Hellmuth all the luck in the world. Sometimes, he has to lose in order for another poker star to win. Clearly, the PokerStars player has really got better and better for the past decade.

As for Phil, better luck next time. Anyway, you’ve already got 14 bracelets yourself. So just enjoy your achievements for now!

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