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Can a poker pro survive in the Big Brother House?

Who would’ve thought that a female professional poker player would join the seventeenth season of Big Brother? I bet many of you would think it wouldn’t happen. Well, you’re proven wrong.

So, does the name Vanessa Rousso ring a bell? The Las Vegan pro is now part of the latest season of the hit CBS reality show to premiere on June 24.

The poker star will be joined by 14 housemates along with Da’Vonne Rogers, a 27-year-old poker dealer.

Rousso’s spokesperson told Poker News that she has no access to any type of social media because she is in the Big Brother House.

Vanessa, 32, will be the second oldest in Big Brother’s cast of characters. As usual, each house guest will be cut off from the rest of the world and will compete against the others. To capture their daily activities, hidden cameras are installed and used. To top it all, the prize of $500k will be awarded to the last remaining house guest. Every week, a house guest is eliminated until only two are left. By then, a jury of eliminated house guests will cast votes to determine the winner.

This is another venture for the well-known poker player. Her vast experience in the poker world can be her edge in winning the Big Brother title. In fact, her show bio states:

“She’s a tomboy who has always been extremely competitive, whether it’s playing lacrosse in high school or beating men and women all over the world at the poker table. Being in a male-dominated industry, Vanessa isn’t easily intimidated and is used to keeping her emotions in check, which will help her keep her eye on the prize. She’s perfected the art of bluffing and knows that she can manipulate her Houseguests however she sees fit while living in the Big Brother house.”

Truly, she’s a very controversial and competitive poker player who can really make the show interesting. But that is not really the point here. Every poker fan is wondering: Can Vanessa really outsmart her housemates? Can she survive inside the Big Brother’s House? Would the next winner be her?

Well, it’s still early to tell. For now, let’s just wait for the show to premiere but we just hope that she’ll also thrive in the CBS show just like she does in every poker tournament she joins.

It may be too early to predict, but for Rousso’s fans, it will always be “Vanessa for the win!”

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