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Greek poker pro now working for a large investment firm – find out who

From poker table to an investment firm! This is now the life of Alexios Zervos as he embraces new work ethics and different environment.

Zervos has been recently hired by Brevan Howard Asset Management, one of the UK’s largest hedge funds. According to report from Giles Turner of the WSJ Money Beat, the former poker pro from Greece will now be working at Brevan Howard’s London office.

Although he admitted that he’s a former professional player, Zervos refused to provide further comments regarding the matter. A spokesman for Brevan Howard also declined to provide details regarding the Greek poker player’s appointment.

Presently, Zervos ranks 18th in the Greece All Time Money List. He is 3,234th in the Global Poker Index Ranking. Previously, the former poker pro ranked 55th and collected $124,447 at the 2014 World Series.

Reports say that Brevan Howard has approximately $27 billion of assets under management. Last April, the hedge fund disclosed the departure of its three partners, Mathew James senior credit strategist; Fillippo Cipriani as manager of the firm’s commodities strategies fund; and Stephanie Nicolas as senior trader.

With regards to Zervos’ appointment, this is not shocking anymore. Hedge funds hire poker players because they are common bed-fellows. Perhaps the most well-known of them is David Einhorn, founder of Greenlight Capital, who is a keen player and past competitor at the World Series of Poker.

Other hedge fund managers who play poker include Steve Kuhn of Pine River Investments, John Rogers of Ariel Investments, Jim Chanos of Kynikos Associates, and Steven Cohen of SAC Capital.

Cohen previously told The Wall Street Journal that he learned to take risks from playing poker. His Point72 Asset Management (formerly known as SAC Capital) and its former portfolio managers became the center of one of Wall Street’s biggest insider-trading investigations over the past few years.

Now, Zervos could climb to the top given his skills, drive and passion for work. Like Colen, he can also use his experiences in poker to thrive in his chosen career.

There’s nothing wrong to change environment, lest the poker world seems to be less appealing and not challenging for the Greek pro. New work ethics and different setting? Indeed, poker pros evolve and Zervos is one of them. Well, let’s just see how he manages his new career— which is a career away from poker table.

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