Negreanu, Somerville to host iPoker Awareness Session

The dynamic duo, PokerStars pros Daniel Negreanu and Jason Somerville, will host an online poker live demo in Sacramento, California.

As the California legislature considers the legalization and regulation of gambling, and the state’s gambling stakeholders argue among themselves, PokerStars led by the power pro duo Negreanu and Somerville will make a great play for the hearts and minds of the California public and media.

The said demo will include an opportunity to play against both players and receive tips on online games. According to PokerStars, the event aims to discuss online poker in detail, including consumer protections and the PokerStars platform.

According to PokerStars officials, the room is open to the public from 10-noon. They will set aside the 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. slot for media so PokerStars representatives can describe in more detail the consumer protections and fraud detection measures in place on the PokerStars site as well as answer questions. The presentation will last about 10 minutes (depending on questions cited by the audience), then online play will take place.

The play-for-fun poker demonstration will take place after the Joint Hearing Assembly Governmental Organization Committee meet to discuss an overview of gambling in California-Legality, Authorization and Regulation.

“The goal is to educate politicians and lawmakers on a topic that they clearly don’t have a full, balanced grasp of,” Negreanu told PokerNews.

Somerville stated, “I’m excited to educate key influencers about the benefits of a safe and regulated online poker arena. I’m hoping to illustrate the logic and value behind passing robust online poker legislation in California.”

Surely, the online poker live demo hosted by the pro duo will be very exciting event considering Negreanu’s popularity in the poker industry. It will definitely be a great hit because the pro star will be with Somerville who is a new addition to the great roster of PokerStars’ respected pros.

We won’t wait for too long because soon, we will see how Negreanu and Somerville charm and educate the California people regarding online poker.

So make sure to tune in for that!

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