What Phil Ivey can teach us all about Poker strategy

When it comes to poker, one player immediately comes to mind ā€“ Phil Ivey.

The world’s # 1 poker player has risen to fame after earning tens of millions of dollars playing poker.

For Phil, poker is “a job you can put your heart and soul into.” You may lose at first, but once you managed to ride out the downswings, your hard work will pay off. He also says that poker is not a one-time thing; rather, it’s a long-term game that you have to work for and put the time in ā€“ otherwise, you’ll lose heart.

So what strategies does Phil Ivey use?

An aggressive poker player, Phil’s strategy is to use a combination of body language reads and betting tells, allowing him to have the upper hand in every game he plays. This also allows him to put his opponents on a very accurate and specific range.

No wonder the tension is very high in a table where Phil is playing. His best reads have the ability to put his opponents on edge, which makes them vulnerable to the poker vulture that is Phil Ivey. Some says he has the ability to “tear apart a poker player’s game and exploit it.” They may think they’re winning only to have that advantage pull out under them.
Indeed, Phil Ivey is currently unmatched in the poker world. But who knows? Maybe one of us we’ll be able to beat him at his own game.

Wishful thinking ā€“ but one can hope.

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